Welcome to MedTest DX

MedTest DX is committed to delivering automated, fast, and cost effective testing solutions for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pain management, wellness, and more. Our focus is to create the best experience for our customers through high quality and reliable people, operation, and products.

For doctor’s offices and small hospital laboratories, we offer:

  • – Chemistry and immunochemistry testing systems
  • – Chemistry and immunochemistry tests
  • – CLIA waived testing system and reagents

For pain management and toxicology laboratories, we provide:

  • – Moderately & highly complex drug of abuse testing system
  • – Moderately & highly complex drug of abuse tests

For imaging centers and radiology departments, we offer:

  • – CLIA waived Creatinine
  • – CLIA waived Cholesterol tests and other chemistry tests

For commercial reference laboratories, hospital laboratories, and CRO’s, MedTest DX provides a range of reagents for open systems that include:

  • – LP(a), Fibrinogen, and other cardiovascular disease tests
  • – HbA1C, Fructosamine, and other diabetes tests