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In today’s healthcare environment, 116 million Americans suffering from chronic pain present physicians with challenges on two fronts:

  • The challenge and liability of providing this patient population adequate pain control while minimizing their risk for addiction.
  • Managing an increased patient population in a highly regulated healthcare system that increases the burden on the physician practice while delivering diminishing returns due to decreased reimbursement.

A critical component to a successful treatment plan in patient medication monitoring and compliance therapy is a comprehensive urine drug of abuse screening and confirmation solution.

A laboratory must conduct an initial test called a screening test, followed by a confirmatory test on the sample before the specimen can be reported as positive, or negative if deemed medically necessary.

The application of immunoassays as a preliminary test to screen for drugs of abuse allows samples to be tested for the presence of drug or drug metabolites in various sample types. Immunoassay tests are based on the antibody-antigen reaction, which provides a relatively fast and straightforward way of determining if drug metabolites are present in the sample.

If initial screening tests produce positive results, a confirmatory test on the sample is required. This involves more labor- and resource-intensive confirmatory testing methods such as Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS). It is thus important that the results produced in initial screening be reliable.

MedTest DX provides physicians and laboratories a unique and customized approach for implementing urine drugs of abuse screening and confirmatory solutions. The testing menu is tailored to the requirements of the physician’s practice, and their patient population, without burdening the physician or practice resources. The MedTest DX solution can increase efficacy and efficiency of medication management and compliance therapy, while providing a new revenue stream for the practice or laboratory.

As your partner, MedTest DX provides support and consultation during the sales process, installation of our instruments and reagents, customer training, technical support via telephone and on-site service if needed. Please visit our products and services to evaluate how we can help you achieve your goals.