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Installation Process

You have spent valuable time and money acquiring the right testing solution for your laboratory. Installing your new MedTest Ensemble system quickly without disrupting lab operations is key to realizing returns on your investment as soon as possible. Yet, taking the time to set up the systems yourself can be costly, not to mention an inefficient use of your staff’s time. MedTest has developed a process that removes many of the traditional installation steps, making the process as quick, efficient, and hassle free as possible. Our Certified Installation Service and Support staff can create custom solutions to create a perfect fit between your laboratory and your clinical testing needs. All this is included in the cost of your new MedTest Ensemble Solution.


MedTest Installation Services provide the expert knowledge and the resources to get your new laboratory solution up and running quickly. MedTest Certified Installation Technicians use proven methodologies to minimize installation time. We give you a wide range of options to meet your specific needs, no matter how many locations you have. MedTest’s installation specialists can handle on-site installation and configuration anywhere in the United States and Canada.


After selecting MedTest as your Single Solution Laboratory Testing Partner, you will be assigned an experienced project manager who will be your personal guide through the entire MedTest Ensemble installation process. From pre-installation coordination and scheduling to post-installation follow up.  Your project manager will assemble your dedicated team of Certified Installation Specialists and will contact you to develop an installation time-frame based on a schedule of dates and times that work for you.


Internally, your MedTest Sales Manager, Project Manager, and Engineers formally review the project scope and schedule with your dedicated installation team.


Your Installation Specialists provide installation and hands-on system training with management and staff. This multi-day installation process will get your laboratory up and running as seamlessly and effectively as possible. During the installation, necessary technical documents are provided for laboratory use (CLSI, IFU, MSDS, etc.) We also provide a large library of methods (applications) outside of the instrument manufacturer (Open Channels), and work with you to optimize these outside methods.


After installation, you will not be left without assistance. You will be contacted by your project manager to make sure everything is going well and to resolve any issues that may be lingering. Part of the installation process is regular post-installation follow up. This added service does not take away from the professional and courteous Customer Support and Technical Service Representatives available to you whenever you need help. Completion of training certificates are issued to staff that have completed the system training. You will also be offered a survey to provide feedback on your installation experience.



On-Site Expertise: MedTest will send our certified installation technicians to your location(s) to manage every aspect of installing your new laboratory testing solution, from planning and managing the schedule to installing and configuring your new MedTest Ensemble testing solution. Resolving any technical issues that arise will be much easier with someone on-site to work with your staff.

Single Point of Accountability:  As the one resource to go to for all of your installation and service needs, MedTest ensures high quality implementation of your MedTest Ensemble.

Frees Up Internal Resources:  Because MedTest handles the installation for you, your staff is able to use their expertise where it is needed most.

Minimizes Disruption:  We will work with you to schedule installation at a time when it will least impact the services your laboratory offers. And by getting all of the new systems up and running quickly, your business can continue to run smoothly with minimal disruption.



The biggest benefit of on-site installation is creating a business relationship that will benefit your company as it continues to find new testing needs and opportunities.


You invested in MedTest for quality, accuracy, reliability and functionality. Safeguard your investment with installation programs and coordinated support designed to get your new laboratory solution working for you.