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TIBC - Direct


Catalog #: TIBC480


End Point


Format: Liquid
Wavelength: 660 nm
Linearity: 77-694 μg/dL
Expected Values: 250 – 450 μg/dL
Storage Temperature: 2-8° C
Reconstituted Stability: Ready to use
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Intended Use

For use in the determination of total iron-binding capacity in serum on the Mindray BS-480 analyzer. For in vitro diagnostic use only.


Step 1: Reagent 1 (R1), an acidic buffer containing an iron-binding dye and ferric chloride is added to the serum sample. The low pH of R1 releases iron from transferrin. The iron then forms a colored complex with the dye. The colored complex at the end of this first step represents both the serum iron and excess iron already present in R1.

Step 2: Reagent 2 (R2), a neutral buffer is then added, shifting the pH and resulting in a large increase in affinity of transferrin for iron. The serum transferrin rapidly binds the iron by abstracting it from the dye-iron complex. The observed decrease in absorbance of the colored dye-iron complex is directly proportional to the total iron-binding capacity of the serum sample.